To reserve your suite at Cats Conservatory cat boarding resort please call us 03 8555 2110. We like to speak to you in person to ensure your feline is catered for professionally and is accommodated appropriately. At Cats Conservatory we value your time, therefore we book a specific appointment for you to check in your feline guest and give you time to settle them and allow for the proper goodbyes.

What to Bring when Cat boarding

Vaccination Card
Vaccination Card, showing that your feline is current with his or her shots. The vaccination card needs to be a minimum of F3, which protects against viral feline infectious enteritis and feline respiratory disease. A current vaccination certificate must be produced for each cat boarding at the cattery before admission. The vaccination card needs to be valid and not passed its due date. Due to legislative laws a cat will not be admitted into the resort without a valid vaccination certificate. The vaccination cards needs to be valid 2 weeks prior to the first check in date. For example a cat cannot be cat boarding if vaccinated the night before.

Worming & Flea Treatment: All cats need to be up to date with their worming and flea treatments. If they have not been wormed or flea treated they will be treated on admission at the owners cost.

Cat Travel Box : All cats need to be transported and checked in to the cat boarding resort in a cat travel box. Ideally the box stays at the cat boarding resort during the boarding period.

Kittens: All kittens need to be over 12 weeks old and have had a minimum of their second set of vaccinations.

Medications and special dietary supplements if any and full instructions of administration.

A towel, blanket, t-shirt or something that smells like home (you).

Feel free to bring any of your cat’s material possessions: toys, brush, scratching post, blanket, sleeper and so forth are all welcome. Please, no food dishes. All items will be labeled so it can be easily identified.

Bring an itinerary with telephone numbers where you can be reached while you are away and/or the number of a local friend or family contact.


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